The largest risk management, derivatives, currency exchange and debt firm in Israel

Ofakim Group offers businesses and corporations with comprehensive handling of financial risk management. Ofakim Group customers enjoy the advisory and execution services of Ofakim’s trading room; Israeli’s largest non-bank trading room. Leveraging our size and $5B monthly turnover, we are able to transfer any type of currency to any country, in a cost effective manner.  Ofakim is a proud employer of 50 top notch experts and is proud to serve more than 1,000 customers worldwide.


The STANDARD package is suitable for businesses and private customers who perform various currency transactions such as currency exchanges and receipts or payments abroad. This package allows direct access to the largest non-bank trade room in Israel, simple cost-effective hedging tools and for the first time in Israel, to an online payment system.


The PREMIUM package is suitable for business customers who are regularly exposed to currency changes and credit issues. This package empowers customers to access the largest trade room in Israel; while providing business customers, large and small, a unique tailor made financial risk management “suit”.


The PLATINIUM package is suitable for companies and corporations who manage complex business activities worldwide and are exposed to risks of various types: currencies, indexes, interest and commodities.  The PLATINUM package is one of its kind in Israel and is characterized by extremely high international standards.

Ofakim Group serves more than 1,000 customers

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